TightRope for Cranial Cruciate Ruptures

A relatively new technique for repair of a Cranial Cruciate Rupture in dogs is the TightRope.  It essentially positions a double band of ultra strong FiberTape across the lateral stifle at isometric points on the femur and tibia via the use of bone tunnels.  This technique does not require cutting bone like the TPLO or TTA procedures.  Instead it uses small drill holes in the femur and tibia to pass a synthetic ligament-like biomaterial through a small incision to provide bone-to-bone stabilization during healing. The TightRope procedure makes no changes to the conformation or “build” of the patient that may have predisposed the patient to the initial injury.  The tightrope method also does not allow a surgeon to repair other abnormalities or deformities that may be have an effect your dogs orthopedic health.

Whenever your pet is showing signs of a health issue your first step is to contact your primary care veterinarian. If it is indicated that your pet may suffer from a Cranial Cruciate Rupture or another serious condition, a veterinary specialist is available at an ExpertVet certified hospital.