How To Move Injured Pets

August 3rd, 2015

Dealing with a pet emergency can be frightening. Knowing the signs of common pet emergencies and what you can do to alleviate your pet’s pain is an important safety precaution to take.

Of course, whenever your pet is showing serious signs of a health issue your first step is to contact your primary care veterinarian or an emergency veterinary hospital. If it is indicated that your pet may suffer from a serious condition, a veterinary specialist or emergency clinician is available at an ExpertVet certified hospital.


Basic Tips for Helping Injured Pets

Before attempting to move your pet, here are a few basic things to know:

​Even the gentliest pet when injured can become aggressive, bite, or scratch out of fear and pain. Be sure to muzzle your pet or have someone restrain the head. Check the limb for open wounds or bleeding. If excessive bleeding, wrap the area with a towel or other available material while trying not to move the limb. 

Contact your veterinarian or an emergency veterinary clinic before you move your pet.

Attempt to splint or bandage injuries in order to stabilize them before moving your pet.


How to Move Injured Pets

If your pet is unable to walk, carry them to the car. If they are too big to carry, use a towel (under the abdomen, in front of rear legs) to support the hind end or use a heavy blanket as a stretcher to carry them to the car.


The American Red Cross has a Pet First Aid mobile APP complete with videos and tutorials on many emergency situations that can help you until you can get your pet to the veterinarian.