New Website Focuses on Animals as Social Beings

March 12th, 2014

Started in January 2014, The Dodo is a website dedicated to animal news, features, stories, and pictures. The CEO and Editor in Chief, Kerry Lauerman, started the site as a community for all who love animals. In the site’s “About The Dodo” page, Lauerman describes a societal shift he has noticed, wherein animals are increasingly thought of not as objects, but as “intelligent, emotional, social beings that are not as different from us as we used to think they were.”

Below is a sampling of stories currently on their site, which exemplify animals showing traits usually associated with humans.

  • Cat Walks Up to Owner At Bus Stop 5 Years After Disappearing- This tells the story of Priscilla, a cat who disappeared from her owner’s yard in 2009. Five years later, the owner was standing at a bus stop when she saw Priscilla in her neighbor’s yard. When the owner called her name, Priscilla came right over to her as if no time had passed. The owner marveled over the cat’s ability to recognize her after so many years.
  • Dog Saves Depressed Girl From Committing Suicide- This article tells the amazing tale of Roman, a dedicated dog who, when he saw his 13 year old owner jump off a roof in an attempt to commit suicide, grabbed her clothing and dragged her back to safety.
  • Morgan The Rescued Dog Rescues Injured Harbor Seal- Here, the owners of Morgan, the pet they adopted from Golden Retriever Rescue Los Angeles, share the story of their dog’s heroism. Morgan ran away from them one day as they were playing fetch on the beach. It turns out he was calling their attention to a very ill harbor seal who had washed up on shore. They quickly called the Marine Mammal Center, and when they arrived on scene, the confirmed the seal may not have survived if Morgan had not brought the seal to their attention.

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