Pet Poisonings

August 10th, 2015


You may be surprised to learn that poisoning is a common occurrence in pets. Knowing the signs of common pet emergencies such as any poison-related emergency and what you can do to alleviate your pet’s pain is an important safety precaution to take.

Signs of Poisoning

Disorientation, vomiting, seizures, weakness, retching, salivating (excessive).

What Next

Call a veterinarian immediately. If the source of the poisoning is known, have the container with you when you call. You will need information on the packaging to determine the appropriate treatment. If the source is unknown, seek emergency assistance immediately.

Anti-toxin treatment should be started as soon as possible to minimize absorption of the poison. On the way to the veterinary hospital or as soon as possible, call the veterinary ASPCA Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435. Make a note of the case number provided by poison control, your veterinarian will need it for reference. If possible, bring the toxic agent with you to the veterinarian.

For more information on common pet poisons, see our extended article on Poisonings in Pets.