Time for me to get a dog...

July 30th, 2014

Pet Smart Charities, the countries leader in pet adoptions has teamed up with Match.com, the world’s largest dating website, to reveal what pet-lovers want when looking for a mate. They tallied the responses of over 1,000 members in the survey, “The Truth about Pets and Dating.”

The survey sought to identify when a person might choose to introduce their pet to a potential date, whether they put value upon on their pet’s judgment of a date, and whether or not “cat people” and “dog people” can truly make a love connection.

According to the data, most pet owners introduce their pets to their dates right away, and 46% of singles would bring their dog on a walking trail on a first date. 70% rely on their dog’s intuition when rating a date, and 66% of those participating said they would not even date someone who did not like pets.

35% of women are more attracted to someone because of their pet, and 27% find photos of pets in an online dating profile a plus. Also, nearly 59% surveyed see their date as more attractive if they had adopted, rather than bought their pet, and 72% of single women think that the “hottest” pet a guy could own is a dog.

Men are 4 times more likely to use their pets as a way to attract a woman and also believe that a woman’s pet conveys much about their personality. 28% of single men revealed that they would be turned off if a prospective mates’ pet could fit in her handbag.

Interestingly, it seems there is some deviation when comparing cat and dog owners. Cat owners are more open to the idea of co-mingling, as 97% of cat owners would have a relationship with a dog person, but, only 66% of dog owners would be open to dating a cat person.

This study confirms that pets play an important part in determining the fate of a relationship. Learning how to successfully introduce a pet into a new relationship and maintain a proper balance between pet and partner is paramount. Whatever the pet of choice may be, a couple is more likely to be compatible if they share a love for an animal.

Match is now in its third year of hosting pet-friendly events called STIR. These socials provide singles with unique dating experiences, to which they can bring their pets. The events include appearances by the Purina Incredible Dog Team, professional trainers, and local food trucks. To sign up for these events, become a member at Match.com. For tips on how to introduce your four-legged to your two-legged companion, visit Pet Smart Charities.