VetPen® insulin pen for cats and dogs approved in the US

June 1st, 2014

The United Sates Food and Drug Administration has approved an insulin pen to use for home insulin treatment in cats and dogs. This device makes the process of injecting insulin into pets a lot easier, more accurate and safer.

The VetPen®, from Merck Animal Health, has a cartridge of insulin that sits within the pen. A dial at the end is used to select the desired dosage accurately, and for each new injection a new disposable needle is used. The selection of the dosage using the dial eliminates the normal practice of drawing insulin from a vial, which is often inaccurate.

Another benefit of not having to draw from a vial, thinner needles are used which are less painful for the patient. The VetPen® also includes a needle remover which can prevent needle-stick injuries.

The VetPen® is available in the US. Please contact your pet’s veterinarian or Internal Medicine specialist to see if it is appropriate for your cat or dog