Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists (ACVN) veterinarians are extensively trained (including internship and residency) in veterinary nutrition. This training involves intensive clinical, teaching, and research activities for at least three years after graduation from veterinary school. Candidates are also are required to pass an extensive two day examination. Veterinary nutritionists are uniquely trained in the nutritional management of both healthy animals and those with one or more diseases.

Acute Pancreatitis in Dogs

The pancreas is a V-shaped gland found within the abdomen along the area between the stomach and the first stretch of small intestine. The primary job of the pancreas is twofold - to produce insulin (the endocrine function), and to secrete inactive digestive enzymes and the chemical bicarbonate (the exocrine function).

Insulin, which is secreted into the blood in response to carbohydrate and protein ingestion, is one of the hormones implicated in diabetes, and is administered therapeutically to diabetics to ensure the body can process digested sugars. Read more about Acute Pancreatitis in Dogs