Lily Toxicity

Spring is here and we all know that spring showers bring flowers, including Lilies!  Whether these beautiful flowers are in our yard or given as a gift, it is important to remember that they are toxic to cats!  It is very important to know which type of lily you have, as not all lilies are toxic to cats.  Hemerocallis, day lilies, and Lilium, true lilies, are the types that cause renal failure in our cats.  Cats that chew or eat any part of the plant/flower can experience kidney insult and should be evaluat Read more about Lily Toxicity

Acute Pancreatitis in Dogs

The pancreas is a V-shaped gland found within the abdomen along the area between the stomach and the first stretch of small intestine. The primary job of the pancreas is twofold - to produce insulin (the endocrine function), and to secrete inactive digestive enzymes and the chemical bicarbonate (the exocrine function).

Insulin, which is secreted into the blood in response to carbohydrate and protein ingestion, is one of the hormones implicated in diabetes, and is administered therapeutically to diabetics to ensure the body can process digested sugars. Read more about Acute Pancreatitis in Dogs